landscape-material-denverLandscape Soil:

Topsoil provides a good growing media for all plants. When it comes to choosing the right soil for a planting project, you need to consider specific plant and container needs. Our inventory includes compost, planters, garden soil, top soil, fill dirt, and more. We can help you choose which soil will work best for your project.


Whether you’re looking for trees offer year around color, decoration, or shaded areas, we stock many different types of trees including Colorado Spruce, Austrian Pine, Pinion Pine, White Fur. We also have Ash, Maple, Lindens, Aspen, Ornamental trees, and more.


Boulders work well for the large retaining walls, ponds, or as accents in mulch or rock beds. Whether you’re looking for Moss Rock, Granite boulders, River boulders, we carry those and much more.

landscape-material-denver-4Decorative Rock:

Decorative rock accents grass, trees, retaining walls, and more. Rock requires little maintenance and is easy to install. We have many different sizes and colors of rock including river rock, granite, dolomite, cobble stone, pea gravel, and more. We can help you choose which rock will suit your needs.


Flagstone is great for using to create walkways and patios. We have many different sizes and types. Some of the types we have in stock are Colorado Red, Arizona Buff, Stripstone, and more.

Other Landscape Needs:

Other landscape materials we have to finish your landscaping jobs. We have everything from edging, landscaping fabric, tree stakes, sod, and more.

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